Vintage Sourcing with Pillo

Vintage Sourcing with Pillo

vintage sourcing

In a continuation of our Home Decorating blog post series, Pillo founder Amy Morton shares some tips on sourcing vintage pieces for your home.  Follow our blog page for more posts.

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Vintage Sourcing

Vintage furniture is the way forward for so many reasons: It’s original and unique, it brings character, texture and personality to any room and it’s often cheaper, better made and requires no assembly! The most important reason to pick vintage over new is that you will not be adding to the footprint of furniture production, and, not supporting the mass deforestation resulting from the demand for low cost, new furniture production. 

My tips for buying vintage furniture are: 

  • Always know your measurements, not just for where the item is going to go, but how it will get there.  And, take a tape measure!
  •  Check for wood worm by looking thoroughly on the top and bottom of the items.  Pesky wood worms love dry old wood!
  • Be careful not to walk away from something you love.  You won’t find it again and someone will have bought it when you come back later. Be instinctive, know what you are prepared to pay and make your move.

My favourite UK markets for sourcing are Sunbury Antiques Market, IACF Fairs and local antiques shops in North London (sadly none are open at the time of blog publication!)

FRENCH markets

When we're in a position to travel again, I would really advise seeking out locals flea markets or brocantes near your accommodation.  There are normally posters about the local town promoting the events or ask your hotelier or holiday home owner.  They are dotted all over France and there's something on every weekend.  You'll find great prices and an unusual selection of pieces at these local fairs which are preferable to the big events which can be crowded and more expensive.  

Happy Shopping!

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