Selecting Paint

Selecting Paint

Day 3 - Home decorating with pillo

Selecting Paint

When white paint is not just white paint...

To avoid the new home, pristine look, we went for Little Greene’s Shirting Paint ( throughout the property.  We used the Intelligent Matt Emulsion on the walls, Intelligent Eggshell in the bathroom and kitchen, and the Intelligent Floor Paint on, you guessed it, the floor boards.  The quality is exceptional and the paint is child safe and eco-friendly.  Shirting is a beautifully subtle, vintage white shade and creates a beautifully calm room. Having the same shade and decorating style flowing from room-to-room feels appropriate for a small property and helps to create a harmonious feel. 

Another paint tip; check the paint tester pots at all times of the day.  We tried painting a wall in a light grey shade (before picking Shirting) only to discover the wall turned a lilac in the evening when the lights were on.  Safe to say, this didn’t really work with the Monochrome look of the room.  

*Side note on Limewashing 

Limewashing is a great, natural way to add a neutralising tone to slightly orangey wood. You can buy liming wax online and in large hardware stores, and this helpful guide shows you how to apply:

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